Sustainability as a core value at Greenport Venlo

Development company Greenport Venlo is committed to sustainability and therefore takes nature, landscape and a closed soil-water balance as much as possible into account when designing the area. There is also a huge focus on sustainable energy generation via installations such as solar panel roofs and a wind farm.

Attractive location

Generating renewable energy is also one of the focus points. Companies are encouraged to cover their roofs with solar panels. A wind farm is also scheduled for construction.

By operating in a sustainable manner, Development Company Greenport Venlo creates a strong competitive position for the area and makes it an attractive location for companies to establish themselves. Currently, approximately 40% of the energy demand is locally and sustainably produced and supplied. This could go up to 100% and even more in the long-term.



In 2013, Development Company Greenport Venlo founded its own energy development company named Etriplus. Etriplus develops renewable energy solutions in this area. The development company has the experience and knowledge needed to implement renewable energy projects.

One of these renewable energy solutions is geothermal heat. If you are located in Trade Port Noord, or are considering establishing here and would like to know whether geothermal energy is a viable option for your business, then read more about it here.

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