Brightlands Campus

Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo: the literal and figurative test ground for the food of the future.

Healthy nutrition

Current discussions about food are dominated by healthy and safe food, future farming and the bio-circular economy.

Innovate entrepreneurs, large enterprises, start-ups, scientists and students work together at Brightlands Campus Greenport on innovations for healthy and safe food, the farming of the future and the bio-circular economy. There are also many crossovers with the manufacturing industry, information and communication technology, logistics and the other three Brightlands campuses.

In a chain of laboratories that have been specially constructed to mimic and analyse each step, the journey of food through the body is monitored to determine the impact of food and products on health. This ranges from studies exploring the ways in which we experience taste, scent, or texture to simulations of metabolic processes.

Innovations in the future farming and the bio-circular economy are resulting in higher nutritional values and yields. This means that healthier and safer products can be produced and that we can get the most out of our food.

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